Best Pots for Christmas Cactus: A Guide to Choosing the Right One

Choosing an appropriate pot for your plant is crucial for its health and growth. For indoor plants like Christmas Cactus, considering the best pot size matters a lot, as there should be enough breathing space for the root and shoot system of the plant. However, pots for indoor or outdoor plants add interior beauty to the space. Additionally, the right pot contributes significantly to the overall well-being of your plant. Therefore, here are some considerations while selecting the best pots for Christmas Cactus:

  • You should select a pot that is appropriate for the size of your plant. It should provide enough room for the roots to grow, but it is recommended to be a manageable size.
  • It’s crucial to choose pots that have drainage holes to prevent waterlogging and leaf burns, as well as to promote healthy root conditions and avoid root rot.
  • When selecting a pot for your plant, it is essential to consider the material based on the plant’s specific needs. Clay pots allow air to circulate and are ideal for plants that thrive in drier conditions. In contrast, plastic pots retain moisture, yellowing leaves and hindering the plant’s root development.
  • The right pot can enhance the aesthetics of your plant and surroundings, elevating the overall look of your garden.
Christmas Cactus
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Indoor Pots for Christmas Cactus Plants

Select the pot based on the size of your Christmas Cactus, ensuring a comfortable fit that allows for growth and provides proper drainage. Each pot style adds a decorative touch to complement the festive charm of your Christmas Cactus indoors[1]Pot Selection for Indoor And Outdoor Plants. Read. However, consider the following indoor pots suitable for Christmas Cactus plants of various sizes:

  • Auchenflower Trough
  • Alderley Vase
  • Ashgrove Duffel
  • Ashgrove Mini
  • Chelmer Bowl
  • Globe Sphere
  • Willow Ribbed
  • Willow Ripple
  • Wynnum Cup
  • Wilston Cylinder
  • Wilston Mini
Christmas Cactus

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Ideal Pots for Christmas Cactus

Adhering to the repotting schedule and considering pot size provides the Christmas Cactus with an environment conducive to optimal growth and flowering. To achieve the successful results, follow the below set of instructions: 

1. Best Pot for Individual Christmas Cactus

Consider repotting each Christmas Cactus into separate 6-inch pots. For this purpose, it provides individual space and encourages healthy growth.

2. Best Pot for Grouped Christmas Cacti

Alternatively, repotting them together in a larger 8-10-inch pot is suitable for a group of Christmas cacti.

3. Avoid Excessive Size

Remember that Christmas cacti typically thrive in pots that are at most 12 inches in diameter. Prevents over-potting, promoting better growth.

4. Repot Every Few Years

For optimal plant health, consider repotting every few years. This refreshes the soil and allows for potential growth.

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Optimal Time and Frequency for Christmas Cactus Repotting

1. Timing

The ideal time for repotting Christmas cacti is between February and April since this period aligns with the plant’s natural growth cycle.

2. How frequently does it take to repot a plant?

Repot a plant approximately once every three years. Ensures a balanced approach to maintaining plant health.

3. Pot Size Consideration

Avoid giving the Christmas Cactus a considerable pot. It grows best when confined to a pot slightly.

Best Pots for Christmas Cactus: Potting Techniques

You can receive rooted cuttings if you want to start your gardening journey with an indoor Christmas Cactus plant. The number of rooted cuttings you receive will determine the size and number of pots you need for the Christmas plant. You can choose from various potting options by taking cuttings of the Christmas Cactus. Following the potting guidelines below ensures the efficient use of rooted cuttings and allows for flexible arrangements based on cultivar and container size preferences.

Taking Rooted Cuttings

Rooted cuttings of Christmas Cactus plants are typically received between March and May[2] Care Needed For Christmas Cactus Plant and its Propagational Approach. Read. However, in a standard liner, two cuttings are rooted together.

Potting Options

Utilizing Pots for Individual Cuttings

If you plan to pot some Christmas Cactus plant cuttings, it’s good to remember that 3-inch pots are perfect for individual potting of each liner (2 rooted cuttings). However, to achieve a fuller look, consider using 4-inch pots that can hold 2-3 rooted cuttings, depending on the cultivar you’re growing.

Utilizing 4-Inch Pots for Larger Containers

To produce 6-inch pots or hanging baskets, you can reuse 4-inch pots from the previous season. You can transplant two Christmas Cactus plants from a 4-inch pot to a 6-inch pot. To create a 10-inch hanging basket, you will need to use three 4-inch pots.



Choosing appropriately sized pots ensures proper spacing and prevents issues associated with overly large containers. Adjust pot sizes based on the number of plants and their individual or collective needs. This article has demonstrated the best pots, their ideal size for the Christmas Cactus, and the rooted cutting potting techniques.


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